Thursday, December 5, 2013

1D Madness

OH AND, ONE DIRECTION ROCK!! Has anyone heard their new album, Midnight Memories? It's pure genius!! Even though the boys will never see this, GREAT JOB BOYS!!!!! You did such an amazing job, as you always do! ;) If you haven't already, go download the entire album NOW on itunes! So, I wanna hear from my 25 page views! What's your favorite song off the new album? You & I maybe? Strong? Story Of My Life? Perhaps the album's name, Midnight Memories itself? Whichever song you guys like best, they're all amazing!! Great job, again boys! Remember to post your fav. song from Midnight Memories in the comments below!!! Thanks 4 reading! -*Mrs.Horan*

Christmas Giving

Hello loyal blog viewers! This time of year, we will be asked in school what we are most thankful for and what presents we hope to see under the tree this holiday Season. We are so lucky in that we have something to view this blog on, whatever it may be. We all have food on the table every night, but this Season I would like to ask you to think of those who won't be able to have a present this year. We are so blessed in all that we have, and it feels so great to help others. I recommend volunteering at your local food bank, or donating toys that you haven't used in a long time to Goodwill or a place like that. Just by simply giving someone a doll, an action figure, or something else like that, you could give someone so much to be thankful for!! As I said before, the act of generosity not only brightens up someone else's life but makes you feel great too. Thank you for spending some of your time reading this, you have no idea how much it can help. I encourage you ask your parents about how you can help out, and get your friends and family involved too! Thanks for reading! -*Mrs.Horan*

My New Blog

Chicken tenders and One Direction. These things, in a nutshell, describe most little girls out there pretty well. This blog is from the point of view of a little girl, for little girls. I don't really know what to post on here exactly yet, but I suppose I'll find out as I go along. Thanks 4 reading!- *Mrs.Horan*